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welcome to rainbow lalaland=D
This is where my life story begins...


To navigate, click on the Y
Face ur past without regret,hold ur present with confidence and prepare for future without fear=)
* A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.

* Keep the faith and drop the fear as Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve

* You will go as far as u let urself dreams

* Once in a life time means there is no second chance, so treasure what u have now!

* Life is short, treasure ur love ones

* Experience is a hard teacher, she give the test first and the lessons afterwards

* You will never be a leader until people think that u were worth following

* Do thing with ur hearts not wh ur minds

* Success and failure are better than an university educational

* To believe ...is to know that everyday is a new beginning, is to trust that miracles happen, and the dreams really do come true.

* To believe is to know that we are not alone, that life is a gift and this is our time to cherish it

I open my wallet
n I found CasH
I search my pockets
n F0uNDS "cOINs"
I L00Ked into my heaRt
N found U
Then i realise how rich I am to have a friend like U=)

A friend is
1 % fUNNY
2 % sWEet
3 % Caring
4 % Loving
That's why i;m ur friend=)

It's amazing when stranger becum friends
but it's sad when friends becum stranger
so treasure the friendship u have!

Last Nite,
De star asked me
" will u ever leave ur friends?"
I just smile and SaiD,
" Star, would u ever leave the Sky?"

Go0d Friendz are like stars...
You don't alwayz see them,
But u know they are always there

A g00d frienDs IS Like a C0mputeR

"ENTER" uR liFE,
"SAVE" U iN MY heart
"FORMAT" UR problem
"SHIFT" ur oppurtunities
N never "DELETE" u FRm my memory

Friends are KANASAI... They always

A person like U
Found only Once in A Lif3 Time
so do takecare
cos i don't want to spend anoTher life time
to look for another person like u=)

FriendshIp is not about
Whom u have known the longest
WHO come first
or whO cARes the BEST
IT's all about whO cAme and nvr left=)

If i can touch the Rainbow, i would like your name on top of it.
to let ppl know hw colourful my life is, to have friend like u=)
YES-that's U=P


When u were born, u cried and the world rejoiced
Livr ur life so that when u die,
The world cries and u rejoice=)

Thi is the beginning of a new life
You have been given this dae to use as u will
You can waste it or use it for good
What u do todae is important
Becos u are exchanging a day of ur life for it
When 2ml comes,this dae will be gone forever
In its place is something that u have left behind
Let it be sth good!

Life is like a toilet paper,
The closer it gets to the end
the faster it goes

When the door of happiness closes, another opens
but oftentimes we look so long at the
closed door that we don't see the one,
which has been opened for us

Don't go for looks, they can deceive
Don't go for wealth, even that fades away
Go for someone who makes u smile=)
because it takes only a smile to
make a dark day seem bright
find the one that makes ur heart smiles

Dream what u want to dream
go where u want to go
be what u want to be
becoz u have only one life
and one chance to do all the things
u want to do

May u have enough happiness to make u sweet
enough trials to make u strong
enough sorrow to keep u human and
enough hope to make u happy^^

The happiest people don't necessarily
have the best of everything
they just make the most of
eveything tat comes along the way.

The brightest future will always
be baased on a forgotten past
u can't go forward in life
until u let go of ur past failures and heartaches

Please share this message wh those people
who mean somethingto u
to those who have touched ur life in one way or another
to those who make u smile when u really need it
to those who make u see the
brighter side of things when u are really down
to those whose friendship u appreciate
to those who are so meaningful in ur lifr

Don't count the years----count the MEMORIES=P


Life is ADVENTURE dare it
Life is BEAUTY worship it
Life is CHALLENGE meet it
Life is DREAM realise it
Life is ENDURANCE cope with it
Life is FRAGRANCE smell it
Life is GAME play it,
Life is HEAVEN take it
Life is INITIAVE take it
Life is JOURNEY complete it
Life is KEROSENE burn it
Life is LOVE enjoy it
Life is MYSTERY unfold it
Life is NAME find it
Life is OPPURTUNITY catch it
Life is PROMISE fulfill it
Life is QUESTION answer it
Life is REALITY face it
Life is SONG sing it
Life is TIME utilize it
Life is URGE satisfy it
Life is VOICE listen it
Life is WEALTH cherish it
Life is X? solve it
Life is YEARNING go after it
Life is ZENITH attain it

Items needed;
Rubber Band;
Band Aid;
Chewing Gum;
Candy Kiss;
Tea Bag;

(1)TOOTHPICK-- to remind u to pick out the good qualities in others.

(2)RUBBER BAND-- to remind u to be flexible, things might not always go the way u want, but it will work out

(3)BAND AID-- to remind u to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else's

(4)PENCIL--to remind u to list ur blessings everyday

(5)ERASER--to remind u that everyone makes mistakes and it's OK

(6)CHEWING GUM--to remind u to stick with it and u can accomplish anything

(7)MINT--to remind u that u are worth a mint

(8)CANDY KISS--to remind u that everyone needs a kiss or a hug everyday

(9)TEA BAG--to remind u to relax everyday and reflect on all the positive things in ur life

The Gurl
Hello=D. .
[jjs here=),
a student from GDLSS,
study Leisure&Resorts Management at TP

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